Zwischen den Wäldern ft. Arif Mirbaghi
Zwischen den Wäldern ft. Arif Mirbaghi

Zwischen den Wäldern ft. Arif Mirbaghi

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Gold Cassette physical media with beautiful art by Parva Karkhaneh, Limited to 100.

This is the third in our ongoing collaborative series: die Sprachen der Vögel (The Languages of Birds). Primarily released on tape and digital these are short to medium-length EPs that feature Völur collaborating with local and international artists. We are joined on this EP by Arif Mirbaghi on the tanbur: a Kurdish/Persian three-stringed lute similar to a dotar or saz or any number of Turkic or Persian adjacent instruments stretching across Central Asia).

The EP is a meditative exploration of rivers and forests; trees and stones; public land and private land. We began working on this in 2018. Needless to say, this was a long time in the making and we're very excited for you to hear it.

Available digitally or on limited edition cassette tapes with beautiful art by Parva Karkhaneh, an incredibly talented painter and musician living in Tehran.

About our guest:Arif Mirbaghi is a musician and composer, born in Canada and based in Tehran. He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a JUNO for his work with the prog-metal group Protest The Hero. Considering versatility his strong suit, Arif has recorded on hundreds of albums ranging from jazz, folk, country, rock, reggae, and beyond. In addition to playing music, Arif is an active sound designer for theatre and is the founder of the record label Qame Feraq. He has performed on stages throughout the world and hopes to continue following the light of creativity wherever it should lead. 


releases November 5, 2021

Laura C. Bates - violin, vocals

Lucas Gadke - bass, double bass, banjo, bass drum, keyboards, vocals

Justin Ruppel - drums

Arif Mirbaghi - tanbur

Mixed by Matthew Bailey

Mastered by Scott McCannell

Art by Parva Karkhaneh

Layout and design by Bryan Bray